Autograph presents a six-episode podcast series featuring Tyrese Haliburton


  • Tom Brady, an NFT legend, launched an NFT company called Autograph, which announced a new video podcast series hosted by Tyrese Haliburton.
  • The name of the podcast is “Autograph Presents: Get Minted with Tyrese Haliburton,” and it is going to be a six-part series.
  • The show is aimed at facilitating the onboarding of people on the digital asset space and Web3 by offering educational and informational content.

In a recent announcement made via the official Twitter handle of Autograph, the NFT company launched by the NFT legend Tom Brady, a new video podcast series is set to be held by Tyrese Haliburton, one of the hottest talents of the NBA and the Indiana Pacers’ point guard.

The name of the Autograph’s podcast is “Autograph Presents: Get Minted with Tyrese Haliburton,” and it has been revealed that it is a six-part series that is making a debut today. It should be noted that the show will be aimed at onboarding people on the digital asset space and Web3 by providing informational and educational content.

Patrick Cassidy, the CMO of the NFT brand, laid an emphasis on the fact that the company is embarked on a journey to take these digital assets to the mainstream. In addition to this, it should be noted that the latest program is just another step in that direction. This way, the podcast will be tearing down the barriers and resistance for people in order to embrace the technology that is still in its initial stages. 

Cassidy added to his statement and said that Tyrese Haliburton is a great advocate for the space, and they feel incredibly lucky to have him serve as their host. In coming episodes, we will witness popular actress Eva Longoria Bastón speak about the NFT learning curve. What’s more? The show will be featuring a total of 101 NFT lessons, NFTs basics, and more with Charli D’Amelio, Arianna Simpson, and other personalities. 

Most recently, The Sandbox revealed that they are entering a partnership with Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder, alongside Autograph.

For those who are interested in the podcast, it should be noted that the podcast will be made available to stream on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcast, and YouTube. As for the potential of this podcast, Haliburton revealed that this podcast would provide NFT and Web3 newcomers a platform to get started.