Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk partners with The Sandbox and Autograph


  • The Sandbox recently announced its partnership with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk alongside NFT platform Autograph.
  • The announcement revealed the plans to build the largest Metaverse skatepark to date.
  • Autograph will be releasing a series of NFTs based on the most iconic equipment, skateboards, and apparel of Hawk’s career.

The Sandbox is a project that has built quite a reputation in the field of Metaverse with its advancements and strategic partnerships. Notably, the platform has recently teamed up with the legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and Autograph, an NFT solution platform. 

The partnership is aimed at building the largest Metaverse skatepark to date. As revealed in the official announcement, the park is going to be built on a 6×6 LAND and will be entirely dedicated to Tony Hawk. Along with this, it should be noted that the skatepark will be featuring themed experiences. 

The role of Autograph would be to release a series of Hawk’s career-inspired NFTs, iconic skateboards, equipment, and apparel. Among these digital collectibles lies the legendary skateboard of Tony Hawk that he used to land the 900 in 1999 at the X Games. 

The Sandbox will turn the high-adherence assets into 3D voxel counterparts by making the Autograph NFTs interoperable in the Sandbox’s open Metaverse. This will contribute significantly to the functionality and utility. 

Tony Hawk also took the news to his official Twitter handle and revealed that he is helping in the creation of the biggest skatepark in the Metaverse. Meanwhile, Autograph shared on Twitter that they are excited to join the ride alongside The Sandbox and Tony Hawk.

Sebastien Borget, the COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, also said that Tony Stark epitomizes the persistence of constantly aspiring for improvement. 

Along with the latest teaming up with Tony Hawk, the Sandbox has witnessed over 300 collaborative efforts with various brands and celebrities such as Gucci, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, and more.