Snoop Dogg Files a New Trademark Application to Sell Plastic Toy Figurines


  • The American Rapper has officially files a new trademark application for “SNOOP ON A STOOP.”
  • The trademark has been filed to initiate selling of plastic toy figurines.
  • The trademark filing come after Snoop Dogg initiated legal action against selling of a “SNOOP ON A STOOP” Christmas-themed toy in 2021.

During the Christmas holiday season last year, the internet went wild for Snoop on a Stoop, a Snoop version of the wholesome Elf on the Shelf doll. The Snoop version featured Snoop Dog smoking a blunt, wearing an elf outfit and sunglasses.

A number of online retailers started selling varyingly dressed takes on the concept without being authorized by the rapper. Unhappy being scooped and created like a doll, the American Rapper said that he will take a legal action.

He made the announcement on his Twitter account:

Initiating the legal action to stop a company from selling a “Snoop On A Stoop” Christmas-themed toy last year, the trademark filing by BROADUS for “SNOOP ON A STOOP” came into action.

Josh Gerben posted the update on his Twitter handle:

And now as per the latest update, Snoop Dogg has filed a new trademark application for “SNOOP ON A STOOP.” According to a tweet by Josh Gerben, the rapper has plans to sell plastic toy figurines using the particular trademark.

The trademark was filed on May 5, 2022 under Snoop Dogg’s real name, Calvin Broadus. With serial number 97397219 and IC 028, the trademark allows selling of plush toys, dolls and modeled plastic toy figurines.