Global giants Hyundai & Hormel Foods file trademark applications to expand in NFTs & metaverse


  • Hyundai has filed a trademark application to dig deep into the metaverse and explore the opportunities.
  • Hormel Foods has filed five trademark applications for its brands SPAM, PLANTERS, MR. PEANUT, SKIPPY and HORMEL.
  • PETCO has filed a trademark application for virtual pet supplies, toys, food, stores, events, software and more.

The latest tweet by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis states that Hyundai has expanded its roots further into the metaverse.  Based on the recent trademark application, the car giant is looking forward to issuing NFTs and publishing NFT-based media content. 

Hyundai also intends to issue virtual fashion products like footwear, works of art, eyewear, clothing, sports gear, sports equipment, headgear and pictures and toys for virtual reality and simulations. 

Other things covered in the patent filing include virtual avatar and car images along with downloadable image files featuring virtual cars for virtual reality. 

A few days back, it was reported that automobile company Honda and Twitch streamer SypherPK will bring Hondaverse to Fortnite, a range of custom maps meant exclusively for streamers such as SypherPK.

Similar to Hyundai, Hormel Foods, on July 6, has also filed five new trademark applications for its SPAM, PLANTERS, MR. PEANUT, SKIPPY and HORMEL.

The international food company is planning to expand their brands into-

  • Downloadable multimedia files featuring artwork, text, audio, and food and beverages video, authenticated by NFTs; downloadable virtual goods like food and beverage products;
  • Online retail grocery store services featuring virtual food and beverage products; provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers, video and audio clips, validated by NFTs;
  • Entertainment services like online, non-downloadable virtual food and beverage products.

Mike Kondoudis said:

Hormel owns many well-known food brands and is itself a leading food brand. As a result, significant value is attached to these brand names.

Additionally, he said that Hormel has realized the potential of metaverse; hence, is preparing brands and trademarks for virtual economy. 

In yet another trademark application, American pet retailer PETCO, has also filed a trademark application for virtual pet supplies, virtual pet store & fashion shows, NFTs & NFT-supported media and creating & exchanging NFTs and digital tokens. 

The trademark application was filed on July 6.