Meta files metaverse trademark applications for augmented & virtual reality


  • Meta has filed four trademarks on November 3.
  • Meta plans to offer virtual and augmented reality hardware, wearable and more.
  • NFTs, metaverse and crypto trademarks have spiked tremendously in 2022.
And it has happened again! More trademarks have been filed! According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, Meta Platforms has filed four trademark applications. 

Filed on November 3, the applications have plans to offer an assortment of augmented and virtual reality hardware along with wearable AR and VR hardware as well as electronics.

The applications include solutions like mixed reality game computer hardware, computer peripheral devices, laser equipment for non-medical purposes, wearable peripherals for tablet computers, mobile devices, computers, mobile telephones virtual reality glasses, augmented reality glasses, smart glasses, wearable computers in the name of smartwatches , handheld augmented reality controllers, motion tracking sensors for virtual reality technology, motion tracking sensors for augmented reality technology and digital media streaming devices. 

Other offerings include virtual, augmented and mixed reality headsets and helmets to play video games, video game consoles, handheld video game consoles, controllers for computer games hand grips and knuckle straps for game controllers, virtual reality interactive control floor pads or mats and video game interactive control floor pads or mats.

Recently, Today NFT News reported Meta is planning significant layoffs impacting thousands of employees.