Meta as a part of Immersive Learning Project of $150 Million to open 10 Metaverse Campuses


  • Meta, the social media company focused on Metaverse, is helping 10 universities to set up their virtual campuses.
  • Around 45,000 students of the University of Maryland Global Campus (UGMC) can now meet and engage online through Metaverse.
  • Meta will be donating Meta Quest headsets for the students to the universities.

One of the most crucial and significant uses of virtual reality and metaverse technology is in the field of education. Which maybe one day be possible to provide virtual reality classes. 

Meta, the American multinational social media company truly focused on the Metaverse, is currently working towards executing this idea of education.  

As a step forward, Meta is helping 10 universities launch their metaverse-based campuses.

Out of these 10, one is named the University of Maryland Global Campus (UGMC), an online university. Now in the university, more than 45,000 students will be able to connect in Metaverse online to summon and interact with each other to share their experiences.  

Daniel Mintz, who has been appointed as chairman of the department of information technology at UMGC, said earlier we never had a campus, but now the university has its first campus. 

In accordance with this plan, the university will provide five courses in the metaverse campus at no additional cost compared to non-immersive courses. Although the number of headsets the university can provide to students that are required for the project is limited.  

Many other universities will also be part of the project: Alabama A&M University, University of Kansas School of Nursing, West Virginia University, New Mexico State University, Dominguez Hills, Florida A&M University, South Dakota State University, and California State University.  

To help students to take part and engage in the course, Meta is providing these institutions with donations of its Meta Quest headsets. One of the prime aims of Meta’s Immersive Learning project is to enhance students’ access to these new generation tools and technologies by collaborating with institutions and universities. 

As a part of the $150 million investment, Meta will provide headsets in collaboration with Victoryxr, the company that is also responsible for designing the metaverse campuses. 

Adding further meta has also provided the universities with funding to design and construct the spaces, which will cost around $50k for a campus of five to seven buildings.