Experience the MiniVerse in the New Meta Horizon Worlds by BMW Group


  • Two new Meta Horizon Worlds- the MINIVerse and the Fender Stratoverse- debuted at Cannes.
  • The creativity of the community, creators & partners, and the power of Meta’s technology from Reels to Business Messaging and Horizon Worlds will be shown.

Two new Meta Horizon Worlds have debuted at Cannes; the MINIVerse, by the BMW Group automotive brand, MINI, and the Fender Stratoverse by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Horizon Worlds is a social VR experience for people to create and explore together.

GamesBeat shared the announcement on Twitter:

The two new Meta Horizon Worlds are available to US, Canada, and UK Meta Quest 2 Headset users. Furthermore, those who visit the Cannes headquarters at Meta Beach will experience both brand worlds as part of the Meta Horizon Worlds Pavilion demos.

The MINIVerse re-imagines the heart-pumping Go-Kart feeling. Up to four drivers can drive a MINI as it zips around an exhilarating, gravity-defying track. Players can also customize their virtual rides for the track.

Sebastian Warfield, Chief Marketing Officer of BMW Group’s MINI brand, shared his excitement about being the first automotive brand to enter Horizon’s virtual space. In a statement, he said:

We were all thrilled about the concept, which I think is undoubtedly the most fun to drive a car in the metaverse. It wasn’t just about replicating what you could experience in the real world. It really added to that.” Had been.

The Fender Stratosphere Horizon World is a guitar-shaped island floating high in the stratosphere and has a first unique co-play audio experience to create original music riffs.

Visitors take on a virtual scavenger hunt, finding chords throughout the Stratoverse and bringing them together to create unique combinations of music.

While winning more races, players can customize their virtual ride for the track and unlock a special EV MINI model. Customizing MINI, changing its colors, and adding bonnet stripes and a contrast roof will add a lot of fun. Players can try different racing suits and unlock other MINI vehicles to top the leaderboard and compete with friends.

To experience the Worlds, one must search MINIverse or Stratoverse in Meta Horizon Worlds. There will be connecting doors to both brand worlds in the Meta Horizon Worlds Pavilion demos at Meta Beach. Plus, there will be AR effects accessed through QR codes that create unique ways to sample each world.