NFTs soar high! 6366 U.S. trademark applications for NFTs filed in 2022 till date


  • US-based trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis has highlighted the findings.
  • The applications have surpassed the trademarks filed in 2021 with a huge difference.
  • 2022 has experienced a massive surge of NFTs enthusiasts.

Earlier this year, Today NFT News reported that NFT trademark applications filed in the United States have surpassed 4,000. With the total applications counting to 4,049, the report concluded that each day, about 27 new trademarks were filed with the maximum applications submitted in the month of March. 

In September 2022, a report shared that 2022 saw a sharp increase in trademark applications for the metaverse, NFTs and crypto. Once again, March topped the number of applications. Metaverse applications counted for 759 with 1,078 applications for NFTs and 604 for crypto. 

Based on data, during the initial eight months of this year, the number of trademark applications submitted were twice as compared to the entire 2021. 

Now, according to a latest update shared by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, a total of 6366 US trademark applications have been filed till date for non-fungible tokens and similar blockchain-based goods & services.  

As always, March is the winner with maximum, i.e. 1080 trademark applications; however, the minimum applications, i.e. 435  were filed in September. Last year, the total applications filed were just 2142. 

These amazing numbers have been recorded at a time when popular celebrities, influencers, brands have gone into NFTs. From Sony Music Entertainment to Moet Hennessy and others like Ninja Turtles, Slime, Mean Girls to singers like Miley Cyrus, have all begun their NFT journey with a lot of hopes. 

Further increase in numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise in the following months. Let’s wait for some more numbers to add!

Meanwhile,  the monthly sales of NFT top $947 million, Solana thrives on Ethereum.