Report says trademark applications for NFTs, crypto and metaverse spiked in 2022


  • March data showed 1,078 for NFTs, 759 for the metaverse and 604 for cryptocurrencies trademark applications in 2022.
  • The lowest applications were filed in July and August.
  • Leading companies including McDonald’s, Gatorade, Formula One, Meta, Mastercard and the U.S. Space Force filed trademarks in 2022.

Since January, NFTs, web3, cryptocurrencies and metaverse trademarks in the U.S. have gone beyond the number of trademarks filed in 2021.

Today NFT News previously reported when a report said that NFT trademark applications filed in the United States surpassed 4,000.

Now according to Mike Kondoudis’ data, in comparison to the total number of trademarks that were 3,516 in 2021, this year, businesses and individuals have filed 3,600 plus trademark applications for cryptocurrencies and crypto-related services with the USPTO until August 31. Coming to the NFT applications, the total trademarks had gone even higher with 5,800 plus in 2022 than in 2021 when the number was 2,087. Talking about  the metaverse or Web3 trademarks, the number was 1,866 in 2021 compared to August 2022 when the number was 4,150.

The data from March showed the highest number of filings this year with 604 for crypto, 1,078 for NFTs and 759 for the metaverse. 

In March, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, planned to launch NFTs on Instagram.Recently, luxury brand Hermes went for Web3 trademark filing, hinting at crypto, NFT & metaverse.