AriZona Iced Tea & Buck Rogers file NFT & metaverse trademark applications


  • AriZona Iced Tea has filed two trademark applications to offer NFT and virtual services.
  • Buck Rogers has also filed a trademark application on the same day to begin NFT & metaverse experience.
  • Data shows a rapid rise in the number of companies filing trademark applications.

AriZona Iced Tea has filed two trademark applications on August 12, as announced by trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis on Twitter. 

The trademarks have been filed with a goal to offer non-fungible tokens & NFT-supported media, retail stores along with virtual merchandise and virtual headwear, clothing, bags as well as eyewear.

Last year, the company announced taking its first step towards NFTs. It partnered with BAYC to launch ‘Arizona Aped’ NFT comic. 

Decentral Land Reported, Arizona Iced Tea partnered with CHIBI LABS to begin its metaverse, earlier this year.

On the same day, Buck Rogers also filed a trademark application to begin the NFT and metaverse experience. The company is looking forward to offer- 

  • NFTs containing audio, graphic, multimedia, textual, creative and video content;
  • Virtual and digital currency trading as well as exchange services;
  • Blockchain based financial transactions;
  • Crypto trading services;
  • Entertainment information, news and services.

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis shared the news. 

Metaverse and NFT-based trademark applications are increasing at a massive pace. More and more companies are coming forward to keep away from being left behind by acquiring a part of the market that will help them to offer innovative experiences.