More NFT & metaverse trademarks! Ford Models, DraftKings & Takis join the bandwagon


  • Ford Models, DraftKings and Takis have filed trademark applications.
  • All the trademarks are for NFTs and metaverse.
  • All the three companies have registered the trademarks on October 7.

NFT and metaverse-based trademarks have increased like anything in the recent months. Be it a small enterprise or a thriving business, they all are determined to move in line with the evolving technologies and carve a niche in the advancing market. 

From offering phenomenal benefits to customers to serving them with innovative experiences, companies are giving their best. Recently, In-N-Out Burger filed a trademark on October 6. Now, the list has got some new joinees like Ford Models, DraftKings and Takis. 

Let’s begin with Ford Models. 

A U.S. based international modeling agency, Ford Models has filed four trademark applications on October 7. The trademarks have been filed for “FORD MODELS” and “FMDC3” to make a place for itself in the NFT and metaverse world

Based on the details, the agency will offer- 

  • Non-fungible tokens;
  • An online community for digital assets;
  • Virtual events;
  • Virtual goods to be utilized in virtual environments

Moving on to the U.S. sports contest and betting firm ‘DraftKings,’ it has registered two trademark applications on October 7. The trademarks have been filed for the company’s D logo as well as the stylized presentation of its name. Through the filings, the company has plans to offer-

Going further, the Mexican brand Takis that’s known for its rolled corn tortilla chip snack has filed a trademark application on October 7. The company aims to provide-

  • NFT marketplace
  • Metaverse transactions
  • Handling crypto transactions
  • Retail stores for virtual goods
  • Virtual bakery

Looking at all these trademark applications, it can be said that there’s a lot more on the way in the remaining time of the year.