Aria, The Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and MGM Resorts & Casinos will soon expand into NFTs & metaverse


  • Each trademark directs towards non-fungible tokens and virtual casino items.
  • Virtual concerts, virtual environments for bars & restaurants and virtual apparel are the major offerings covered in the trademarks.
  • Skins and avatars for utility in the metaverse are also stated in the applications.

According to a recent Tweet by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the owners of Mandalay Bay, Aria, Bellagio and MGM resorts and casinos are looking forward to NFTs and metaverse. To execute the idea, trademark applications were filed on July 29. 

The trademarks have been filed with the USPTO by Mandalay Bay, LLC.; Mirage Resorts, LLC.; MGM Resorts International Corp. and CityCenter Land, LLC.

Kondoudis shared that all these resorts and casinos have discovered the ability of NFTs and the metaverse and therefore, have prepared themselves for the upcoming virtual economy. Without a doubt, these big names will emerge as the major brands that will lead the virtual world. 

Under the class 9 trademark are covered downloadable virtual goods like gaming tables, slot machines & computer programs with casino chips; downloadable virtual products like footwear, key chains, backpacks, eyewear, sports bags, headwear, magnets, etc. NFTs for digital collectibles, digital video clips, digital graphics and digital photography have also been covered. 

The Class 9 trademark has also covered downloadable software for online virtual environments, development, production and modification of both animated & non-animated designs, avatars, digital overlays, characters and skins . 

Class 42 covers exactly the same products and services as class 9 in terms of non-downloadable items.

Retail store services like casino chips, slot machines, and gaming tables in a virtual environment are covered in class 35 trademark. 

Class 41 covers virtual environments that allow users to visit bars, casinos, nighclubs, resort hotels, restaurants and spas; entertainment services like virtual shows and concerts that allow users to engage in leisure time with recreational & entertainment activities. 

Based on the products & services indicated, all these resorts and casinos are prepared to increase their presence in Web3 with hotels, bars, casinos and restaurants in the metaverse. Coming to the hotels that have recently entered NFTs and metaverse are RIU Hotels & Resorts and NoMo SoHo.