Sandwich chain Jersey Mike’s to embark NFTs & metaverse journey


  • Jersey Mike’s filed a trademark application on July 26.
  • The company aims to enter NFTs and metaverse.
  • The sandwich chain will offer NFTs, virtual food, restaurants and more.

American submarine sandwich chain, Jersey Mike’s has filed a trademark application; thereby, joining the league of other successful food and restaurant chains.

According to a tweet by trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis, the application was submitted on July 26. Based on the details, the trademark has been filed for AsubAboveverse, MikesMeta and JerseyMikesverse.

Coming behind the purpose of the trademark, Jersey Mike’s aims to offer non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency trading software, blockchain software, virtual drinks, foods & restaurants and  a lot more. 

The move is in line with similar decisions taken by other food & restaurant companies to begin their NFTs and metaverse journey. 

For instance, in May, Today NFT News reported that Subway filed 2 trademark applications to enter the metaverse

Another company going the same way is Arby’s. Earlier, there was news that Arby’s wants to offer virtual food and beverages in the metaverse, owing to which it filed a trademark application. 

Various other companies have entered into NFTs and metaverse, keeping in mind the evolving technologies and how they have become an integral part of the business world. 

The race doesn’t end here, as we will see various other brands from different industries adopting NFTs, metaverse and crypto.