Carhartt is the recent clothing brand to enter NFTs and metaverse


  • Popular fashion brand Carhartt filed a trademark application on July 29.
  • The company intends to move into NFTs and the metaverse space.
  • Virtual products & services and NFT-backed media are some of the major offerings.

Reading about companies and brands filing trademark has now become an everyday thing. After a number of leading brands, now American apparel brand Carhartt filed a trademark application on July 29. The trademark has been filed for its logo, name as well as slogan- ‘Work in progress.’ The aim behind this move is stepping into NFTs and the metaverse. 

Based on the application submitted to the USPTO, Carhartt has plans to offer:

  • NFT and NFT-supported media;
  • Virtual goods like clothing, eyewear, footwear and headwear;
  • Online marketplace services and retail store for virtual goods.

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis shared the announcement through a Tweet. 

Besides Carhartt, various other reputed fashion companies have gone the same way to enter both NFTs and metaverse. Some of the brands are Louis Vuitton, Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion and Adidas with some more brands who have already filed the trademark applications. Today NFT News previously reported when Tommy Hilfiger files NFT and Metverse trademark applications with plans of offering some really interesting products & services.