PayPal files trademarks for NFT and metaverse offerings


  • PayPal has filed for trademark applications on October 18th.
  • The trademark applications have plans for the trade, transfer and exchange of blockchain assets, digital assets, cryptocurrencies, digital & virtual currencies.
  • The applications are for PayPal and its logo.

PayPal has filed trademark applications with an intent to grow its cryptocurrency offerings, as shared by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis on Twitter.

The application was filed on October 18 with an aim of exchanging, processing, trading and transferring both digital and blockchain assets. PayPal is looking forward to providing digital currency processing solutions.

According to the details, the trademarks have been filed for PAYPAL  as well as its “overlapping Ps” logo. The applications mention downloadable software to send, accept, purchase, receive, sell, exchange and trade stablecoins and cryptocurrency.

Other offerings include payment processing solutions such as financial services like cryptocurrency and stablecoin currency besides virtual currency transaction processing for others. 

This is not PayPal’s first time in cryptocurrencies. The company launched a whole new service in 2020 to allow 350 plus million customers to purchase, sell as well as own Bitcoin in the platform. This year, PayPal grew the service to enable its clients to send Ethereum and Bitcoin to their external wallets.

In August, Today NFT News reported, PayPal joined the TRUST network to comply with the digital assets Travel rule.