Nike & Reebok file NFT & metaverse trademarks, Ticketmaster & Playboy become registered trademarks


  • Nike & Reebok are the recent sports brands to file NFT and metaverse trademark applications.
  • Ticketmaster and Playboy are now registered trademarks.
  • NFT and metaverse applications are continuously growing despite the crypto winter.

Trademark applications are raining! As the year is approaching its end, a considerable rise in trademark applications has been seen. On November 21, Ticketmaster became a registered trademark for NFTs and digital collectibles. 

Mike Kondoudis took to Twitter to share the update.

The trademarks are filed for- 

  • Virtual media and gods
  • Virtual experiences in sports, arts, entertainment and popular culture
  • Digital products made with blockchain software technology, containing, games, artwork, videos and images
  • Downloadable computer software as well as programs to make, store, trend, receive and send crypto collectibles, cryptocurrency, NFTs and other tokens

More details are not out as of now but Ticketmaster is quite active towards Web3 in recent times. 

In August this year, Ticketmaster collaborated with Dapper Labs to launch NFT tickets on Flow Blockchain. Through the partnership, the firm made an NFT marketplace and a digital wallet. 

Not only Ticketmaster but there are others who have also taken the trademark applications route to seek NFT and metaverse experience and serve customers unique offerings.

For instance, Nike filed three trademark applications for .SWOOSH on November 14. The multinational company has eyes on offering virtual clothing, footwear, sports gear, virtual & crypto goods marketplace and more through the trademarks. It also has customer manufacture of real versions of apparel & footwear on its list.

.Swoosh is a Web3 platform to offer Polygon NFTs from January 2023 and was launched by Nike a few days back.

Just four days after Nike’s trademark filings, Reebok too jumped into the bandwagon and filed two applications. The applications are filed for virtual headwear, sports goods and footwear. NFT-supported media, retail stores with virtual products and online marketplaces for NFT-based goods are some other offerings.

Next on the trademark list is Playboy since the USPTO has granted its trademark application on November 15. Playboy registered a trademark for NFTs and digital media verified by NFTs.

Last month, The Sandbox partnered with PlayboyNFTs to create ‘MetaMansion’ to enable owners get direct access to special experiences that will be conducted in Playboy’s metaverse.

Clearly, trademark applications filing to be a part of Web3 have increased to a new level in 2022. Let’s wait to see what happens in the remaining time of the year.