Rolex to expand its luxury with NFTs, metaverse & crypto trademarks


  • Rolex is the latest major brand to go the trademark filing way.
  • The company will offer NFT-backed media & marketplace, crypto keys & transactions and a lot more.
  • A number of luxury brands have gone into the decentralized culture through NFTs, metaverse and crypto trademarks.

Rolex, the luxury watch brand, has filed a trademark application regarding NFTs, metaverse and crypto. The update has been shared by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis on Twitter.

The trademark was filed on October 31 and includes plans to offer-

  • NFT, NFT-supported media and NFT marketplaces
  • Virtual goods auctions
  • Crypto transactions and keys
  • Cryptocurrency and virtual exchange and transfer 

Rolex will provide downloadable computer software for blockchain as well as provide downloadable software including virtual objects, NFTs and digital collectibles. Downloadable digital files confirmed by NFTs, downloadable computer software to be utilized like digital wallets and downloadable cryptographic keys to spend and receive crypto are among the other offerings.

The online auction solutions will be provided for virtual goods like digital collectibles. Watches, NFTs and art objects. For both buyers and sellers of virtual goods, online spaces will be provided. Other offerings are marketing via product placements in virtual environments or online games and holding virtual interactive actions. 

Some other major services that will be provided are financial matters, financial patronage & sponsorship assistance. 

Initially, watch brands didn’t achieve success upon entering into the world of NFTs. However, those days have ended and a number of luxury watch companies have not only moved into but have also successfully released their personal NFT and metaverse creations.