Sports Illustrated & Walmart file trademark applications


  • SI Sports Illustrated filed for ownership.
  • The projects are SI Classic, SI Sports Illustrated, and SI Sports Illustrated Resorts.
  • It includes body and skin care products; hotels and arena services; clothing and more.

Mike Kondoudis tweeted on February 6, 2023, that the owners of Sports Illustrated have filed trademark applications for SI Classic, SI Sports Illustrated, and SI Sports Illustrated Resorts Projects, which cover perfumes, skin care products, arena services, conventions and exhibitions, hotel accommodation services, hotel booking services, clothing, and much more.

Meanwhile, Walmart has also filed applications for the trademarks for Sam Club claiming plans for NFTs and blockchain software, V/R healthcare, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrencies trading, brokerage, financial services and more. 

SimWin Sports, a metaverse-focused fantasy sports company, has unveiled a new strategic alliance with Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated would become SimWin’s formal displaying companion, with a wide range of branding possibilities and marketplace implementations.

Digital players practice on teams controlled by well-known entertainment and sports numbers in SimWin’s virtual world proposition. 

Sports Illustrated is a monthly sports magazine founded in 1954 by Henry Luce, the inventor of Time magazine. It is the most widely read sports publication in the United States.

Sports Illustrated Resorts aspires to deliver a vivid, entertaining, and highly interactive experience that honors sporting accomplishments. There are several Sports Illustrated Resorts categories, including Beach & Resort, Experiences, and OnCampus.

The swimsuit edition, which features images of supermodels, athletes, and other personalities, is its finest edition. Sports Illustrated Kids, Sports Illustrated Almanac, Sports Illustrated Women, and Sports Illustrated on Campus were all spin-offs of the publication.

Sports Illustrated was owned by Time Warner in 1990, following the merger of Warner Communications and Time Inc. When it was split off in 2014, Sports Illustrated was retained. Meredith Corporation purchased Time Inc. in 2018, and Sports Illustrated, which had been experiencing falling subscribers, commenced republishing biweekly that year. The copyrights to the magazine were sold to Authentic Brands Group for $110 million in 2019. Meredith would keep publishing Sports Illustrated via a licensing arrangement as part of the deal. However, in 2019, the digital business TheMaven purchased the magazine’s copyrights for at least ten years. Sports Illustrated began as a monthly magazine in 2020; however, special editions were still published.