Trademark applications continue! Formula One & Publix move into NFTs, crypto & metaverse


  • Formula One filed two trademark applications to enter into crypto and NFTs.
  • Formula One will announce NFTs before a 50-lap Grand Prix that’s scheduled for November 2023.
  • Publix filed trademarks to offer virtual grocery stores.

Formula One, on August 23, filed two trademarks related to crypto and NFTs for the Las Vegas Grand Prix event that has been scheduled for November 2023. 

Formula One will offer virtual goods such as headphones, keyrings, sculptures, sporting equipment, digital art, virtual clothing, lanyards, jewelry, souvenirs, and more.

Other offerings include currency trading, carbon offsets, cryptocurrency exchange services, and virtual currency services. 

The race that’s street-based will happen in the center of Las Vegas and will have a stretch of the neon-soaked strip. The length of the track will be 3.8 miles long, and the top speed will reach 212 mph.   

During the French Grand Prix in July, a number of Formula 1 had to discard cryptocurrency-based branding owing to strict local advertising regulations.

In late April, Mercedes-AMG Petronas and FTX announced a collaborative NFT project featuring certain collectibles with a piece of a real F1 car.  

On the same day, Publix also filed trademark applications for its logo, name, and slogan, ‘where shopping is a pleasure.’ The trademarks have been filed for virtual groceries, clothing, prescription drugs, virtual banking, restaurants, and non-fungible tokens.  

Crypto-collectibles and application tokens are utilized as well as transferred on SAAS.

Last week, Men’s Wearhouse & Miley Cyrus filed trademark applications for NFTs & metaverse experience.