Men’s Wearhouse & Miley Cyrus file trademark applications for NFTs & metaverse experience


  • Men’s Wearhouse filed 4 trademark applications on August 17.
  • Sensational singer Miley Cyrus also filed trademark applications on August 16.
  • All the trademark applications signify a move into NFTs and the metaverse.

Jumping into the world of trademark applications, Men’s Wearhouse has filed a total of 4 trademark applications. Through the trademark, it has plans to offer retail stores providing virtual goods, NFTs backed virtual clothes & suits and virtual formal wear and tuxedo on rent.

The news was shared by trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis on Twitter.

The trademark was filed on August 17 for-

  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • JOS. A. BANK
  • The MW icon and logo

The trademark applications are a move towards NFTs and the metaverse.

A day before, i.e. on August 16, Miley Cyrus too filed trademark applications for MILEY and MILEY CYRUS. 

The singer is looking forward to offering entertainment services, virtual clothing, sports gear, virtual currency management, energy drinks and more. 

Similar to recent trademark applications, Miley is also making her move into the metaverse and NFT world through the trademarks.  

Michael Kondoudis shared the news on Twitter.

In the past many months, a number of companies, brands, influencers and celebrities have filed trademark applications to begin their journey into the innovative world of NFTs and metaverse and the number will increase further.