Fidelity aims to initiate financial facilities and the NFT market in metaverse


  • Fidelity Investments has filed trademark applications in the US for Web3 services.
  • It might offer a variety of investment opportunities in digital contexts.
  • In 2023, they want to increase their investment and product offerings in Web3.

Fidelity Investments has applied for trademarks in the United States for various Web3 goods and services, such as an NFT market and financial investing and crypto exchange facilities in the virtual world. 

It is based on three patent registrations made to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 21, which were noted in a Dec. 27 tweet by licensed trademark lawyer Mike Kondoudis.

The metaverse is one of Fidelity’s key areas of focus, with the corporation stating that it may provide a number of investment possibilities within digital settings such as mutual fund schemes, retirement funds, capital management, and budgeting.

Metaverse-based payment systems, such as digital bill payments, money transfers, and the financial management of credit cards in the virtual world and other communities, are in the works.

In terms of cryptocurrency, the documents imply that the company may provide trading and administration services in the multiverse and digital money wallet facilities.

Fidelity reads that digital payment facilities in the form of virtual money storage and management for online transfers and payments over a worldwide network; virtual money, electronic cash, and cryptocurrency digital coins. Providing lessons, workshops, and meetings in the area of finances and in the area of advertising financial services

One of the readings says that offering company data to financial institutions through an online site in the area of business branding in the virtual world and other virtual social worlds; referral services in the category of financial counseling and financial management in the virtual world.

According to Fidelity’s most recent reports, the business has not been fazed by the harsh bear market in 2022 or the current FTX crash, but rather is planning to boost its investment and products in Web3.