Stephen Curry files NFT & metaverse trademarks, Capital One to take its credit cards into metaverse


  • Stephen Curry filed trademark applications for the metaverse and non-fungible tokens.
  • Capital One filed trademark applications for its most known credit cards with an intent of taking them into the metaverse.
  • There’s been a major spike in trademark applications, especially for NFTs and metaverse this year.

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis’ latest tweet has announced that Stephen Curry, the superstar basketball player, has filed a trademark for ‘CURRYVERSE.’

The trademark application covers Web3 services and has plans to provide virtual clothing, artwork, sports bags, footwear, belts, watches and more in the metaverse

Downloaded and recorded goods confirmed by NFTs are also included in the trademark application. Also, the superstar’s team is keen to provide computer software platforms to create, sell, promote and exchange NFTs.

Curry also has plans for personal appearances like a professional basket player in the metaverse. 

Moving on, there are plans to offer education and entertainment with blockchain technology‘s help.  

Curry is famous to be one among the most known Crypto-friendly NBA superstars. He launched the very first celebrity-branded CryptoKitty in May 2018 and made a move into NFTs way before than various other stars. 

FTX, the popular cryptocurrency, appeared in a commercial with Curry in March.

Other than Stephen Curry, Capital One, a bank holding firm, filed 6 trademarks for a few of its most known credit cards like Savor, Quicksilver, Venture X and Venture to take them into the metaverse.

The company has plans to promote the usage of credit cards via incentive rewards programs besides special offers and promotions of others to card members in virtual worlds and metaverse.  

Other offerings include banking and financial solutions like issuing credit card services through virtual worlds and metaverse.

Information about personal finance in virtual worlds and metaverse will be offered as well. 

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis shared the news on Twitter.

In June, Capital One made filings to make a move into the metaverse and NFTs. 

There’s no doubt that the finance industry is swiftly moving towards Web3. For instance, SEBA Bank has started offering NFT custody for blue-chip NFTs based on Ethereum.

Then there’s Mastercard that’s quite active in NFT and cryptocurrency. It filed trademarks in April to embrace NFTs and metaverse. In 2021, it launched crypto-based payment cards. 

In January, it joined Coinbase to allow users to buy NFTs using their Mastercards.In June, Today NFT News reported, NFTs of Stephen Curry & Jaylen Brown were auctioned at China Public Auction.