Japanese gaming company Konami is hiring for NFTs, metaverse & Web3 expansion


  • Konami is among the major companies with immense interest in outgrowing its Web3 services through a new talent.
  • The company is hiring for the roles of programmers, designers, project managers, system engineers, etc.
  • Konami has plans to expand its solutions related to the metaverse, NFTs and Web3.

Konami, the popular Japanese gaming company, is keen on growing its crypto-skilled talent pool along with focusing on developing metaverse and Web3 experiences besides an NFT marketplace

The firm, on October 13, announced about hiring a range of talent for ‘system construction and service development’ for Web3 platforms and future metaverse

The company has shared about its research and development to integrate the advancing technology into both its content and games. Moreover, it is looking forward to releasing an NFT trading platform that will enable players to trade in-game digital products. 

Konami is a well reputed name in the list of traditional gamer circles behind Dance Dance Revolution, Metal Gear Solid franchise, Frogger and Castlevania. 

Successful applicants will work on an exclusive digital item distribution platform that follows Japanese guidelines set for blockchain games. 

In January, Konami launched an NFT collection on the occasion of its Castlevania franchise.

Meanwhile, a fews days back, Today NFT News reported that Ubisoft & Tezos launched a platform for NFTs playable in AAA games.

Some gaming companies have entered into the NFT world to make money. Also, there have been certain environmental concerns regarding PoW or proof-of-work mining procedure that is deployed for minting. A number of such concerns can be avoided as Ethereum has been transformed into PoS or proof-of-stake. 

This year has seen the NFT market collapsing and in recent months, sales of NFTs on OpenSea have fallen to 99% as compared to their record highs that were beyond $400 million in the beginning of this year.

Last month, Disney hired a corporate lawyer for evolving technologies and NFTs to expand into the world of crypto.