Nissan files 4 Web3 trademarks, tests sales in the metaverse


  • Nissan has filed four Web3 trademarks for its Infiniti, Nismo and Nissan brands on March 7.
  • The company is keen to build virtual cars, clothes, trading cards, toys, etc.
  • An NFT marketplace is also among the plans to trade and mint non-fungible tokens.

Nissan, the Japanese automotive company, has become the recent car manufacturer to take forward its Web3 attempts with four new Web3-based trademarks. Moreover, the company’s Japan unit is looking forward to experimenting with auto sales in the metaverse. 

The trademark filings cover its Nismo, Infiniti, and Nissan brands, as shared on Twitter by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. 

The filings are made to the USPTO and disclose the company’s plan to make virtual cars, clothes, toys, headgear, trading cards, and tickets, as well as an NFT marketplace to both trade and mint NFTs. 

Nissan has also crafted plans related to metaverse advertising services along with various other entertainment services that cover online images, tickets, video, audio, sounds, artwork, music, and trading cards, together with a website with details regarding the proposed non-fungible tokens by Nissan and how they will work. Moreover, there are plans for non-downloadable computer software to be utilized as a digital wallet. 

On March 8, Nissan Japan announced carrying out a three-month long “demonstration experiment” with Nissan Hype Lab, its virtual store, for the purpose of studying, consulting, test driving, and buying Nissan vehicles in the metaverse.  

The company will also check out the possibility of new ways to sell cars. The trail began on March 8 and will continue until June 30 to enable customers to visit the virtual store throughout the day through a smartphone or PC. Also, customers can make their own personalized avatars during hours other than when connecting with virtual sales staff. 

Based on the announcement, customers can order cars besides concluding buying contracts via the virtual sales office. 

In October 2022, Nissan filed five trademark applications for some major car models that include the Skyline, GTR, and Z.  

At the time, Nissan’s filings pointed towards plans for online NFT marketplaces, NFT-powered media, NFT minting, digital wallets, trading, and storing software. 

Major corporations are filing trademark applications based on crypto, metaverse, Web3, and NFTs despite the ongoing bear market and crypto winter.