Nissan & Seattle’s Space Needle filed NFT, metaverse & Web3 trademark applications


  • Nissan to move into the NFT Space with 5 trademark applications for its popular car models.
  • Nissan has recently partnered with Animoca Brands’ Australian video game developing subsidiary, Grease Monkey Games.
  • On the same day, Seattle’s Space Needle owner filed a trademark application showing interest in NFTs.

According to trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis recent tweet, Nissan has filed a total of five trademark applications on October 27 to offer NFT-based offerings.

The company has filed trademarks for a few of its major car models such as GTR, SKYLINE and Z. 

Based on the application, Nissan is keen to seek metaverse, Web3 and NFT exposure. The firm has plans to offer-

  • NFTs and NFT-supported media
  • Software to mint, trade and store NFTs
  • Digital wallets and online NFT marketplaces 

According to details, Nissan will use the trademarks in multiple areas associated with non-fungible tokens. The offerings will be provided in the form of downloadable media files like videos, pictures and more and in a way that such files can be utilized to authenticate NFTs.

Nissan is also prepared to launch an online NFT marketplace that will act as a platform for interested parties to purchase and sell NFTs.

Recently, VISA filed NFT & metaverse trademarks to offer crypto wallets. Before that, Western Union came forward with interest in brokerage, crypto exchange and transfer.

Previously, Toyota disclosed its plans of moving into the metaverse. The company pointed towards coming up with a virtual working environment for its staff. However, Nissan has plans to use Virtual Reality to offer virtual rooms to its customers developed by VRChat, the video game developing company.

Last week, Animoca Brands announced collaboration between Grease Monkey Games, its Australia-based video game developing subsidiary, and Nissan. Owing to the collaboration, Nissan will display its very first utility NFTs.

In another update by Michael Kondoudis, the owner of Seattle’s Space Needle has also filed a trademark application on the same day. 

The trademark has been filed to offer multimedia files that will feature artwork based on the Space Needle and will be NFT authenticated.