University of Alabama & Enterprise join the list of NFT & metaverse trademark filings enthusiasts


  • University of Alabama and Enterprise have filed NFT and metaverse trademark applications.
  • The trademarks have been filed on November 9.
  • Other than the trademark filings, the University of Alabama has indicated interest in cryptocurrencies.

In the middle of a surge related to NFT-based trademark filings from a number of leading companies, the University of Alabama has come forward among the very first educational institutions that have shown interest in Web3. The university has filed six trademark applications with plans to offer NFT-based services.  

According to the details, the university has trademarked its names as well as logos to provide specific services based on the metaverse and NFTs. The news was shared by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. 

According to his tweet, the trademarks claim plans for-

Going into further details, the university wants to use the trademarks for NFT-based services like-

  • Downloadable multimedia files containing though not confined to pictures, artworks, audios, videos and more in the form of NFTs.
  • Digital collectibles displaying downloadable files in the resemblance of sports-based objects and athletes.
  • An online retail store that will offer a platform for the purchase of virtual goods as multimedia files.
  • An NFT marketplace to enable users to purchase and sell NFTs displaying downloadable multimedia files.
  • NFT issuance.
  • Financial brokerage services based on NFT, crypto collectibles and digital tokens.

In December 2020, University of Alabama collaborated with Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company to offer education and training regarding cryptocurrency to students. 

Despite the crypto and NFTs space impacted by various issues, an increase in interest towards them has been noted from major global companies. For instance, Enterprise has filed ten trademark applications for three of its car rental brands- Enterprise, Alamo and National. 

The NFT and metaverse applications claim plans for:

  • Non-fungible token and NFT-supported media
  • Digital collectibles 
  • Virtual and digital cars

Similar to the university, Enterprise too has almost the same plans and solutions covered in its trademark filings.