Shopify now extends support to Tezos NFTs through Taco Loyalty Automation Tool


  • Taco Labs Inc. announces that Taco: NFT Loyalty Automation Tool has integrated the Tezos blockchain and now extends support to Tezos NFTs on Shopify.
  • Taco: NFT Loyalty Automation solution will serve as a complete end-to-end Web3 automation solution to reward customer loyalty with NFTs.
  • Shopify stores will now have a new way to engage with customers and tune in to the rapidly growing Tezos NFT ecosystem.

In a recent announcement made by Taco Labs Inc., it has been revealed that the leading software development firm’s Web3 automation tool, Taco: NFT Loyalty Automation, has carried out the successful integration of the Tezos blockchain. This integration allows the extension of support to the Tezos NFTs on Shopify. 

The recent integration of the Tezos by Taco app is expected to provide Shopify stores around the world with an updated way of establishing engagement with their customers. Moreover, it will allow them to tune into the rapidly bubbling Tezos NFT ecosystem. 

As per the Commercial Director of Tillitech, Edward Adlard, it has come to notice that more and more brands prefer Tezos to deploy their NFTs because of its low gas fees and energy efficiency. This facilitates the creation of a rich environment for innovation. 

Taco is assisting brands in deepening their connection with customers with the help of gamification, loyalty rewards, and ownership. All of this is ultimately contributing to increasing customer engagement and retention. This platform will serve as a complete end-to-end Web3 automation solution for rewarding customers’ loyalty with NFTs. 

As revealed, these NFTs will be unlocking exclusive discounts, experiences, and products using Tezos hassle-free, without even the need to write any code. The energy-efficient design and low minting and transacting costs facilitated by Tezos have managed to attract a diversified NFT community of collectors, builders, and artists around the world.

In addition to this, it should be noted that Tezos being home to some significant NFT platforms like, which has emerged as one of the biggest NFT marketplaces, is becoming a choice for more and more brands.