Steve Aoki and 3LAU come together to form CryptoPunks supergroup, Punx


  • Steve Aoki and 3LAU have partnered to release their new music under the name Punx, a CryptoPunks supergroup.
  • The supergroup will explore new spaces and sounds alongside integrating a major part of the Web3 community into the project.
  • The musicians have announced that the project will be entirely different from their other sounds.

Reputable electronic musicians and NFT enthusiasts, Steve Aoki and Justin “3LAU” Blau, have formed a supergroup through their Ethereum non-fungible tokens. The duo is looking forward to launching their brand new music under the name “Punx,” a music-based project.

Both Aoki and 3LAU have ample experience and their personal sonic signatures. However, according to a recent tweet by 3LAU, through the partnership, they are planning to produce a new type of electronic music.

Though their CryptoPunks NFTs will be used by Punx, the musicians have no plans to release their own NFTs for this project. Talking about Punx, 3LAU said that it is not an NFT; however, that doesn’t mean they won’t merge music and blockchain in the future. 

Aoki explained that the creation of Punx is the result of the duo’s interest in Web3. He defined Punx as a dynamic, visionary musical art project with a hint towards the music they admire and the kind of music that has led to their success. By utilizing their personal CryptoPunks, they have introduced how they plan to bring the Web3 community into Punx. 

Ever since the announcement was made, Aoki’s new profile picture on Twitter has been CryptoPunk #6748. The NFT was bought by him for 89.95 ETH in September. CryptoPunk #6708 is owned by 3LAU, who bought it in March last year for 29.99 ETH. 

Talking about their friendship, 3LAU shared that they have explored Web3 space together during the past few years. They are excited to share the new sound with everyone as well as the idea they have discussed in the studio. 

Meanwhile, Punx has joined the evolving trend of EDM artists partnering under a joint nickname or label.

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