NFT artist accused Manchester United for replicating his NFT collection


  • Manchester United has been blamed for copying styles and designs of artist Lucrece’s NFT collection.
  • Co-founder of Tezos and the Manchester United team are in talks with the artist to fix the matter.
  • Both NFT collections are based on the Tezos blockchain.

NFT artist Lucrece shared on December 28 that he is in talks with co-founder of Tezos, Arthur Breitman, regarding the explanation from Manchester United soccer on the grounds of the club’s NFT collection being identical to the artist’s NFT collection in terms of both styles and designs. 

The collection owned by Lucrece is not only older but also more expensive, at 21 ETH per NFT. On the other hand, the 7,777 NFTs of Red Devils were sold for $40 each and ran out of stock just after being released. 

Lucrece is expecting a deal with the Red Devils, with the hope that both parties will benefit. The reason behind it is the resemblance of their artwork, which made certain community users think if the artist was behind the Manchester United project.

The artist made sure not to blame Manchester United directly for plagiarizing his works; however, he shared an image on Twitter to show the comparison of both artworks and help the audience in concluding their decisions. 

ClownVamp, a user, shared some tweets to compare the NFTs and mentioned that the NFTs of Lucrece were among the oldest and most famous collections. 

According to the terms and conditions of the United collection, the for-profit arm of the Tezos foundation, TRILITECH PLATFORM OU, created the non-fungible tokens. It is for this reason the NFTs are accredited by the Tezos Foundation for being minted as well as being sold.  

Manchester United’s The Devils collection is the second digital collectible drop by the team. Every token includes exclusive features and provides the owner rights to unique airdrops, private competitions, special AMAs, and several other surprises. 

Based on the recent report, Lucrece has received a response from Manchester United regarding an agreement that mentioned that the reason he was not contacted by the club was because of holidays.