A $1.5 million recovery plan for CryptoZoo, unveiled Logan Paul


  • His three steps for CryptoZoo changed the entire game for his users.
  • Skipping the rewarding program can disappoint players.
  • Due to the reality that suing Coffeezilla would not benefit Cryptozoo holders, said by Logan.

Logan Paul has announced that anyone who invested in his CryptoZoo NFT venture will receive a $1.5 million recovery plan. On January 13, Paul proclaimed this in a video that was shared on Twitter. Following statements he made in a critical series of videos on Paul’s NFT project, he confirmed that he is no longer attempting to sue fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla for libel.

Paul outlined the three stages of his recovery. The goal of Jeff Levin’s team was to “have no financial advantage” in the game and presumably raise the game’s value by burning their Zoo tokens.

Additionally, he declared that he would personally contribute $1,000 worth of ETHER tickets to the rewards program, which enables “disappointed” investors to burn their NFTs in order to recover the original 0.1 ETH ($150) mint price.

In the tweet Paul sent announcing he would put up $1.3 million for the rewards program, 1,000 ETH was worth that amount. As of this writing, the price of ETH, among a host of other top assets, is currently at roughly $1,548 based on a 10.2% gain over the past 24 hours. 

Finally, Paul noted that the third stage involves completing and delivering the game as outlined in the whitepaper, which initially called for breeding animals to earn ZOO tokens. While criticizing Paul and claiming CryptZoo was legitimate, users like @tharaxis stated that the situation seemed favorable and worth the wait.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, well-known NFT and crypto trader @cryptobitlord7 said. Before it began to affect your reputation, you did not care. You then expressed your intent to file a lawsuit. And when you saw that it had backfired, you did it to satisfy people. “You’re as false as it gets,” LARP said.