Actor and Filmmaker David Bianchi Previews His Web3 Series ‘RZR’


  • With solid support, the seasoned actor hopes to take viewers on a crazy, cryptocurrency-fueled ride.
  • They will be connected to the blockchain in three to five years through the people they interact with.
  • The digital currency has been used in the cyberpunk genre before, such as in “Westworld” and “Cyberpunk 2077,”.

As Hollywood continues to roll out the red carpet for awards season, actor and filmmaker David Bianchi invited celebrities and friends to attend a public table reading for his upcoming series, “RZR,” on Monday night.

Bianchi predicts that everything they interact with within three to five years will be tethered to the blockchain.

Bianchi said they live by the decentralization principle; they have complete confidence in the content and all their efforts.

We at Gala are proud to produce this project with David, continuing our mission of bringing creative power to established and emerging artists.

Gala COO Sarah Buxton said in a statement sent to Decrypt. Gala Film provides web-based entertainment to audiences in a new way, and they are excited about our future projects.

The modern Los Angeles seen in “RZR” is home to brain implants, hacker culture, and a seedy underworld of black market crime. Through brain implants, Bianchi plays Grimm, a combat veteran and engineer on Netflix’s cyberpunk series “Edgerunners.”

Collectors can use NFTs to demonstrate their ownership of digital works of art, music, data, in-game items, and more. Recently, film productions, musicians, and others have used NFTs to raise funds and connect with fans directly. It allows fans to own a piece of the film or get a closer look at the filming process by interacting with directors, cinematographers, and production designers.

According to RZR, he wants to be firmly rooted in blockchain technology. Although the cyberpunk genre has included digital cash before—in “Westworld” or “Cyberpunk 2077,” for instance—”RZR” brings these technologies front and center.

He also stated,

Almost every other indie filmmaker in the sector is selling NFTs relying on a theoretical concept.” “You sell a lot of NFTs, and then you have to hope that you produce a good film or show.

Bianchi’s initiative has already received approval, is in the production phase, and will eventually have a “big” streaming service and Gala Film distribution.