Rihanna’s “B*TCH Better Have My Money” song is now an NFT


  • “B*TCH Better Have My Money,” Rihanna’s huge hit song, will be made available as an NFT, she has confirmed.
  • The blockbuster Rihanna song which has earned a 3x Platinum certification, will be made accessible on Music NFT Marketplace.
  • According to the release, only 300 music NFTs will be a part of the new Rihanna NFT projects.

Through her A-list music producer Deputy, the Barbadian singer and well-known millionaire investor Rihanna has announced plans to release her smash hit song “B*TCH Better Have My Money” as an NFT.

The 3x Platinum-certified hit song “B*TCH Better Have My Money” by Rihanna will be made available on the Music NFT Marketplace another block as a non-fungible token, said Rihanna’s music producer Deputy in a blog post on February 7.

Anotherblock, a blockchain-based market platform that connects non-fungible tokens to royalty rights, was established in 2021 to provide decentralized music rights. The deputy will make use of the company’s resources to introduce BBHMM NFTs that will pay royalties to music fans.

A limited number of 300 music NFTs will be included in the new Rihanna NFT projects, according to the statement. Fans who have the new BBHMM NFTs will receive 0.0033% of the streaming earnings as part of the Rihanna NFT project.

Today at 5:00 PM GMT, the fixed set of Rihanna NFTs will make their public debut. In a brief statement, Rihanna’s producer claimed that the new NFT collection will provide fans with a superior streaming experience.

Other music NFT services have grown in prominence recently, including Royal, a platform for music tokenization created by DJ and entrepreneur Justin “3LAU” Blau, Sound.xyz, a platform for minting music NFTs; and Catalog, a main store for single-edition music NFTs.

The song has over 673 million Spotify listens, and according to data on AnotherBlock’s website, collectors can expect returns of 6.1% to 6.8% in the first year.

Before Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, which will feature a performance by Rihanna, there was a dip. She reportedly stated that she hadn’t appeared on stage in seven years during a press conference.

NFTs are quickly gaining popularity in the music industry because royalties are one of the best uses for digital collectibles. Many artists are presently creating their very own NFT collections. The Chainsmokers and Diplo are two artists whose music has been tokenized.