Ukrainian cyclist Mark Padun creates NFTs to support homecountry’s medical relief fund


  • Padun will donate 25% of the funds for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.
  • Padun’s winning moments will be highlighted in the NFT collection.
  • Artwork pieces based on data inputs through his career are also included in the NFT collection.

Mark Padun, the Ukrainian cyclist, has created a collection of NFT artwork pieces. A major chunk of the generated funds will be used for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

Padun belongs to Donetsk, which has been a part of Ukraine’s war impacted region for eight long years. During Russia’s attack in February, he continued racing and now  hopes that the NFT project would be a support system in accumulating funds for necessities like field hospital equipment and medicines. 

The NFTs have been designed by Facundo Kostelak and feature a fusion of colors that belong to the Ukrainian flag. The project has been named, Carry the Load

25% of the funds will be donated to the Ukrainian medical help relief fund that is operated by cyclists. 

Padun’s stage seven win at the 2021 Critérium du Dauphiné will be highlighted in one of the NFTs. In the NFT, his power is represented in white lines, speed is represented in blue and elevation of the mountain is highlighted in solid yellow color. 

Moreover, his third place finish on stage 12 of the 2018 Vuelta a España will be highlighted in another NFT. The NFT features a Ukrainian flag under a traditional Ukrainian bowl. 

Padun is in the NFT riding with a Ukrainian flag, displaying the sadness of winning at a time when the home country is facing a war.