CleverFiles Offers Software Licenses as NFTs for Disk Drill


  • Collection of 100 NFTs licenses is available on OpenSea.
  • Technical skills are not required to use the NFT licenses.
  • A cryptocurrency wallet is the only prerequisite to buy an NFT license.

From digital collectibles to private membership experiences, NFTs have enabled a number of innovative use cases. Now, CleverFiles, a software company, has announced having a collection of 100 full-featured transferable lifetime licenses for Disk Drill, its renowned data recovery software, which is sold on the OpenSea marketplace as NFTs.

A tweet announcing the same has been posted on Disk Drill’s Twitter account:

With this, the company has established itself as the first software developer that will explore this ground-breaking NFT use case, which has the potential to transform the way software licenses are stored, distributed and legalized. Disk Drill can be purchased on OpenSea.

The cost of each of the 100 full-featured lifetime licenses is equal of $79 in USD Coin, which is a digital stablecoin that is pegged to the United States dollar to maintain a stable value. If compared, while a standard Disk Drill PRO license costs $89, the lifetime one costs $118; thus, making the NFT licenses cheaper by more than 30%. Moreover, all NFT licenses can be used to unlock Mac as well as Windows version of Disk Drill.

Owing to the blockchain technology, NFT licenses for Disk Drill are inexpensive. Also, they offer notable advantages such as-

  • NFT licenses can be easily resold or transferred as exclusive gifts.
  • Nothing else besides a cryptocurrency wallet is required to buy a license.
  • Since each license has a unique piece of NFT art, its value increases naturally, thus, making it a valuable digital collectible.
  • Collection exists and is sold on Polygon to maintain appropriate price and gas estimates.
  • Disk Drill’s NFT collection comprises of more than 10 traits.

NFT licenses can be used similar to the regular licenses. Though they have innovative technologies in them, no technical knowledge is required to use them. All one needs to know is how to maintain a cryptocurrency wallet.