OpenSea launches of OpenRarity; Starting with Cool Cats NFT, Moonbirds, and Pudgy Penguins


  • OpenSea announces the launch of OpenRarity on its platform and is beginning its journey with Cool Cats NFT, Pudgy Penguins, and Moonbirds teams.
  • The decision to show the rarity of users’ collections will be in the hands of the creators.
  • Developers, too, will be able to access OpenRarity scores and ranks via API.

In a recent announcement made officially on the Twitter handle of OpenSea, it has come to notice that OpenSea is launching OpenRarity on its platform. As revealed in the announcement, OpenSea is going to start with wonderful collections such as Moonbirds, Pudgy Penguins, and Cool Cats NFT teams. 

The announcement mentioned that the respective teams behind Moonbirds, Pudgy Penguins, and Cool Cats NFT had opted their collections into OpenRarity. Users interested in the collections can check them out on the official website of OpenSea.

Well, Cool Cats announced on September 16 that it would be among the first creators to opt-in on the new OpenRarity NFT ecosystem on OpenSea.

What brings more to the value of OpenSea with this announcement is the fact that they have allowed creators to be able to opt their collections into OpenRarity. They will be able to do so by navigating to their settings page and doing what is required. 

As per the beliefs of OpenSea shared publicly by the biggest NFT marketplace, it should be in the hands of the creators to decide whether they want to show the rarity of their collection or not. 

In addition to this, OpenSea has brought another advancement to their platform with OpenRarity. The developers on board will now be able to gain access to OpenRarity scores and rank through OpenSea’s API, the more information related to which is available on their developer account. 

Well, OpenSea revealed along with the announcement that they are excited to witness the creators on the platform and their communities lean into OpenRarity on OpenSea and even across the NFT ecosystem. 

Most recently, OpenSea announced its collaboration with, PROOF, and Curio in order to develop OpenRarity, an open standard for their community. It was revealed that prior to considering existing rarity methodologies for OpenSea, the platform carried out an evaluation process. They found out that ranking did vary between these rarity tools.