Cool Cats NFT: Meet the coolest Cats of the NFT ecosystem

Launched in July 2021, grabbed the #3 rank in sales volume & fame, and experienced stardom like BAYC & CryptoPunks, Cool Cats NFT has been one of the most popular projects in the giant NFT space.

A quick brief

The project is a collection of randomly generated 9,999 NFTs with almost 300,000 combinations like faces, hats, clothing items, exclusive bodies, glasses, facial hair, and more. 

100 NFTs were allocated for future competitions as well as holders of airdrops, while 4 cats were reserved for the staff members with one NFT per member.  

No doubt every cat is cool, some cats are way cooler or rarer than fellow cats. 

Each cat falls under one category and has points based on it. These categories include coolness, classy, wild, and exotic. 

Source: nftnow

20% of the ETH raised by the project is returned to the community through contests,  raffles, etc. 

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The men behind Cool Cats

4 self-driven men, Tom Williamson, Rob Mehew, Evan Luza, and Colin Egan, created the Cool Cats Collection.

Initial prices

In the beginning, 300 NFTs were sold at 0.06 ETH each. The price was later reduced to 0.02 ETH for each mint. The coming days saw the cats ruling the NFT world owing to a massive increase in their price to 0.66 ETH. 

What made Cool Cats NFT popular?

The collection was endorsed by Mike Tyson only after eight days of being released. What added more to the growing recognition was the boxer’s new Twitter PFP which was a Cool Cat. 

DJ Steve Aoki, Reese Witherspoon, and Alexis Ohanian are some of the celebrity owners of the collection. 

Any project that succeeds in attracting celebs and famous personalities bags ample fortune on its own. 

Cool Cats utility

‘’We like the cats,” the slogan used by Cool Cats became a trend and rose to fame. And thanks to the growing prices along with celebrity support, the scenario excited the NFT freaks. This led to the establishment of a strong community. 

Welcoming those who joined the Cool Cats community, Cooltopia was launched, which is actually the complete Cool Cats ecosystem-  the Discord server, the Cool Shop, the official Twitter, marketplace, and more. 

The creators have tried to convert the entire ecosystem into a form of gamified NFT experience to connect all the owners of Cool Cat NFT. 

Owners have access to live & online events of the NFT besides access to airdrops. Moreover, they have a non-exclusive license to their NFT, which enables them to do anything with their Cats.  

The same rights are reserved for the project creators as well, and they can use any Cat for marketing, merchandise, etc.

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The roadmap

The Cool Cats roadmap is built around several ambitious additions such as the MILK tokens, a voting platform, Cool pets, adventurer’s guild, and other gamification activations, and a secret project.

Cool Pets

In September 2021, Cooltopia announced two major things: Cool Pets and the $MILK token. Right after the announcement, secondary sales grew further, which turned the floor price into double digits. 

A form of the companion NFT series, Cool Pets coincides with Cool Cats PFPs. There are 19,999 NFTs, with half of the NFTs meant for Cool Cats owners and the remaining half meant for public sale. 

$MILK token

$MILK token airdrop was announced for all the owners of Cool Cat NFT. It is the social token that belongs to the Cool Cats ecosystem and is used to purchase Pet chests, Housing chests, Battle chests, go-in Quests and for future gamification.

Some milestones

Skyrocketing to an average price of 26 ETH per NFT, the collection was advertised at Times Square. 

In March, a 3D version of a Cat was featured in the trailer of the Otherside metaverse game. Quite obviously, the NFT collection had a mindblowing spike in sales the very next day, with 199 sales on the OpenSea marketplace.

Cool Cats partnered with TIME Magazine in August 2021 to launch a limited-edition drop of TIME-branded editions of ELU, Xtremetom, Lynoid, and Clon’s signature cats. With the partnership came a meme competition followed by an increasing trend in the secondary sales of Cool Cats.

Current Statistics

According to Rarity Tools, the current number of owners is 5599. The floor price is 2.63 ETH with a 7 day volume of 191.33 ETH and a total volume of 110,626.24 ETH. The 7 day average price is 2.86 ETH.


How do I buy NFT Cool Cats?

1. Purchasing Ethereum from a centralized exchange is the first step to buy a Cool Cat NFT. 
2. To make the purchase from the secondary market like OpenSea, a hardware or software wallet is a prerequisite. 
3. ETH must be transferred to the wallet. 
4. Now is the turn to buy the NFT. One can either bid on a Cat or purchase it. 

How much was Cool Cats’ mint price?

Initially, the cost to mint an NFT was 0.06 ETH to mint a Cool Cat, which was later decreased to 0.02 ETH.

Is Cool Cats a good investment?

This is completely one’s own decision since NFTs are a game of patience, research, and money. However, the project has possibilities of leading a successful life, but the floor price restricts many buyers, which is why buying a Cool Pets NFT is a better suggestion. Of course, the market is volatile, so nothing concrete can be said. 

Who is the creator of Cool Cats NFT?

 Tom Williamson, Rob Mehew, Evan Luza, and Colin Egan created the NFT collection.