Cool Cats are adding customizable NFTs and going multi-chain


  • Cools Cats is adding customizable NFTs and going multi-chain.
  • The CEO of Cool Cats stated that they are looking ahead to build for the long term.
  • Cool Cats NFT owners in the near future shall receive a Fracture NFT, which shall eventually reveal potential rewards.

One of the most popular profile picture projects to emerge from the late 2021 NFT market boom was Cool Cats, but prices fell precipitously last year as collectors’ complaints mounted. The project’s creators have today revealed a new direction for the project, updated branding, and plans to expand beyond Ethereum with fully editable avatars.

Stephen Teglas, CEO of Cool Cats, has stated that with their new strategy and redesign, the intention is to demonstrate to the community and the greater Web3 environment that Cool Cats is here to stay. He has also stated that instead of merely building for the coming year or the next five years, they are establishing long-term goals.

In the near future, Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT owners will receive a Fracture NFT through an airdrop. Using digital artifacts, these dynamic NFTs “enable a unique storytelling experience,” according to co-founder and Head of Content Robert Mehew. The Fracture NFTs will alter and eventually reveal potential benefits as their owner completes objectives inside the project’s “World of Cooltopia” narrative.

Later this year, however, the Explorers NFTs will represent a more extensive portion of the Cool Cats project, along with completely customizable avatars that can be used in a range of supported apps and platforms as well as across numerous blockchain networks

Although the Explorers functionality’s entire scope is presently unknown, the Explorers NFTs will work on a range of layer-1 blockchains and layer-2 scaling networks, including those that are incompatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, claims a Cool Cats spokeswoman. They will eventually be made available to the public.