Netgear & SuperRare DAO will develop NFT art licensing & royalty model


  • Netgear is joining the SuperRare DAO for the creation of a new licensing model based on NFT art.
  • The licensing model aims to support showing SuperRare NFTs on Meural, which is Netgear’s digital canvas.
  • SuperRare and Netgear envision creating ways to engage and communicate with digital art, collections and culture.

Popular for WiFi routers, Netgear is looking forward to reaping benefits from the Web3 market. 

Initially, the company expanded into smart home products through a 2018 purchase of Meural canvases and smart frames. As of now, it has plans to utilize the Meural digital displays to present non-fungible tokens upon collaborating with SuperRare artists and collections. 

To make the partnership happen, joining SuperRare’s DAO and purchasing RARE, its governance token, is required. The company has refused to share the number of tokens it has bought and at what price. 

Displaying NFTs of SuperRare on Meural’s smart frames by developing a licensing & royalty model is the aim of the collaboration.

Presenting a governance proposal to the RARE community marks the prerequisite from the end of Netgear and Meural team.

Chief executive officer at SuperRare, John Crain, shared that the transformation of the traditional art in response to NFT is a suitable arrival point for the company. 

He further said that there are about 10,000 dedicated traditional art collectors worldwide. 

As compensation from secondary sales, SuperRare asks for a 10% artist royalty stipulation in the smart contracts. 

Poppy Simpson, senior product and content manager for Netgear’s Meural product line, said that NFT and blockchain have given creative and economic powers to artists upon releasing digital scarcity to both collectibles and art. 

Supporting the development, Netgear works with collectors, creators and enthusiasts with an aim of making a licensing model that shows their interests. 

SuperRare has launched a pop-up gallery in New York to capitalize on the cultural collision . The gallery consists of a rotational program of a total of five NFT exhibitions through Meural frames.