Dubai Takes the Lead in NFT Education and Web3 Technologies


  • UAE’s art scene is experiencing a transformative phase, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • The soon-to-be-launched 37xDubai, situated in the DIFC, represents a significant evolution in the art space.
  • 37xDubai is positioned as an entry point for individuals into the digital art sphere and NFTs.

The United Arab Emirates art landscape is currently undergoing a significant transformation, led by the vibrant activities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This evolution marks the country’s position as a leading force in the region’s expanding art scene. Dubai, in particular, is making strides with its innovative technology integration in art.

At the Dubai Mall, ftNFT is at the forefront, offering a unique physical and digital art blend. This physical, digital space provides visitors with an interactive experience, allowing them to acquire Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through conventional payment methods. The journey also includes full-body 3D scanning and a variety of immersive encounters.

Dubai continues to showcase its dedication to innovation with the upcoming launch of 37xDubai in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Under the leadership of Danilo Carlucci from Morningstar Ventures, this establishment aims to be more than just an art gallery. It seeks to combine art, technology, and education, educating visitors about NFTs and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Morningstar Ventures sees 37xDubai as an entry point into the digital art and NFT domain. The gallery aims to serve as an informative resource, shedding light on the importance and potential of NFTs. It will also host collaborative events and workshops to educate the public further.

37xDubai is set to make a significant impact, not just as an exhibition space but as an educational hub, fostering a deeper understanding of the digital world and its possibilities. With its innovative approach and commitment to education, it is poised to play a crucial role in the UAE’s burgeoning art scene.