Porsche sheds some light on their plans for the near future


  • Porsche shared future plans in a recent tweet that stated the advantages for all the holders.
  • It brings the opportunity to attend money-can’t buy Porsche experiences. 
  • All the miners will have the benefit of one private Airdrop designed by their partner artists. 

In a recent Tweet shared by Porsche, a community of virtual 911 owners, it was revealed that Porsche had got plans for their holders, and they have an exciting journey planned for the next couple of months. 

As revealed, the holders will gain access to behind-the-scenes to the world of Porsche from February 23, involving eye-level conversations with Porsche insiders. It should be noted that the conversation will be guided by your preference for a conversation partner, such as engineers, designers, racing drivers, ambassador artists, or Web3 partners. 

Porsche revealed that they are going to utilize virtual co-creation workshops with the Core Team of Porsche and will deploy Discord polls to allow the community to make decisions. Other benefits include an exclusive capsule collection with physical items. 

In addition to this, Porsche will allow the holders to go through a total of four different customization phases, leading to more than 150k possible design variations. Well, those do include distinct and rare traits from their artists and partners. 

Do you know where this is headed? Well, Porsche is planning to let it all culminate in a community vote on the best design and Porsche creating that particular car in real by the end of the second quarter of 2023. 

There will be Porsche experiences too! Exclusive events are going to be there that will offer real-life experiences with Porsche products and will establish your connection with other pioneers and Porsche insiders. Moreover, the holders can expect experience exciting track experiences in different cities around the globe or a special trip to the home of Porsche. 

For all the Porsche minters, there will be one private Airdrop designed by their partner artists in March 2023. However, detailed information regarding the same is coming soon. 

Porsche made its debut in the metaverse and virtual space with its interactive NFT collection at the Miami Art Basel back in November 2022. It announced the launch of its much-awaited NFT collection on January 23, following which the floor price of the collection fell below its minting price on the secondary marketplaces.