Notable NFT Collector Expands His Digital Art Portfolio Adam Weitsman’s Bold NFT Move with Gold Mega Koda


  • Adam Weitsman’s acquisition of Gold Mega Koda #9969 signals his deep commitment to NFTs and Web3 gaming.
  • Weitsman’s involvement in high-value NFT transactions, like the 100 ETH purchase, showcases his dedication to digital collectibles.
  • Animoca Brands’ role in this sale and the involvement of APPRECIATION emphasizes the significance of this NFT transaction in the digital art world.

In a significant development within the NFT industry, Adam Weitsman acquired Gold Mega Koda #9969, as shared in a recent announcement. This move marks another important step in Weitsman’s journey within the digital art space. Weitsman, renowned for his business acumen, notably heads Upstate Shredding. He is also a respected figure in the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spheres.

His latest acquisition from Animoca Brands speaks volumes. It demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the digital realm, particularly Web3 gaming. Weitsman, a staunch supporter of the Yuga Labs ecosystem, continues to showcase his belief in its potential. Consequently, his investment in NFTs and digital art has been consistent and impactful.

The purchase, made for a handsome sum of 100 ETH, is not just a financial transaction. It signifies a deeper involvement in the ever-evolving world of digital collectibles. This year has seen Weitsman make several noteworthy acquisitions. Among them, the rare Mega Koda #9951 stands out. Additionally, his purchase of the Dookie Dash Golden Key, later transforming into the Legendary HV-MTL #1, made headlines with its $1.6 million price tag.

The Gold Mega Koda #9969 is unique in its design and features. It boasts Gold-Melted Eyes, a Regal Head, and a 24k Thoracic Core. Furthermore, it is equipped with an Everlights Wand, making it a coveted item among collectors. Weitsman’s gratitude to Animoca Brands for this transaction highlights the mutual respect in this partnership.

Animoca Brands, a prominent player in the NFT market, facilitated this sale. Their reputation for handling high-profile transactions remains unblemished. Moreover, the involvement of APPRECIATION, led by Steven Papas, in brokering this deal adds another layer of prestige. This advisory firm specializes in digital art and collectible acquisitions, further legitimizing the significance of this transaction.

Weitsman’s latest acquisition is more than just an addition to his collection. It represents his belief in the potential of NFTs and Web3 gaming. This move solidifies his position as a key player in the digital landscape. Hence, it also underscores the growing importance of NFTs in the broader context of digital art and collectibles.