NFL Rivals Launches NFT Player Card Purchases on Mobile Apps, Boosting Web3 Integration


  • Fans can now purchase NFT player cards via their iOS and Android apps.
  • Before this update, NFTs were exclusively available on Mythical’s online marketplace and stored in users’ Mythical accounts.
  • Players at level 4 or higher in NFL Rivals can now directly buy player cards from the app using the “Improve My Roster” button.

NFL Rivals has unveiled a new feature for its fans. Now, they can buy NFT player cards on secondary NFT markets through their iOS and Android apps. Mythical Games, in partnership with the National Football League and the NFL Players’ Association, developed this fantasy football Web3 mobile game. It made its first appearance in early access mode in April. By June, the game had already seen a million downloads.

Previously, fans could only buy these non-fungible tokens on Mythical’s online marketplace. They stored these tokens in their Mythical accounts. However, the game has now evolved. Players who reach level 4 or above in NFL Rivals can access a new option. They can click the “Improve My Roster” button on the team roster menu. This allows them to buy new player cards directly from the app.

Moreover, to facilitate these purchases, the game introduced an in-game currency named Credits. Fans can buy Credits in various bundles. The range starts from 140 Credits for $1.99 and goes up to 7,000 Credits for $99.99.

Interestingly, this move mirrors Stepn’s strategy. Stepn, a move-to-earn game, launched its currency for NFT purchases on its iOS app in May. However, there’s a notable difference. With Mythical, the NFT pricing remains consistent across the mobile game and web marketplace. In contrast, on Stepn, NFTs cost at least 30% more on the app, a measure to offset Apple’s fees.

Additionally, Mythical Games hinted at future plans in a recent blog post. They aim to introduce various in-game marketplace integrations. These will focus on enabling players to trade NFTs on both iOS and Android apps.

The collaboration between the NFL and Mythical Games began on March 25th, 2022. The NFL announced its intention to create an NFT-based fantasy football game. This game allows players to step into the shoes of General Managers. They can buy and sell NFT player cards, curating and competing with their dream teams. Since this announcement, the NFL’s enthusiasm for Web3 has been evident.

Significantly, this year’s Super Bowl showcased the NFL’s commitment to Web3. The event launched multiple Web3 experiences and features for its fans. These innovations were the top Web3 headlines from Super Bowl LVII.