Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Unveils Museum of Mahomes II NFT Collection


  • Patrick Mahomes launches “Museum of Mahomes II” NFT collection with 15,000 curated pieces.
  • NFT holders can own physical replicas and autographed memorabilia from Mahomes.
  • Portion of NFT sales revenue is donated to 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is set to make waves in the NFT market once again with the upcoming launch of his “Museum of Mahomes II” collection.

Following the success of his initial NFT release earlier this year, Mahomes aims to captivate fans and collectors with a curated selection of 15,000 NFTs showcasing his illustrious NFL career. The collection will feature a diverse range of artwork inspired by Mahomes’ journey, including trading cards, autographed jerseys, footballs, and more.

While specific details regarding the network for NFT minting and pricing remain undisclosed, Mahomes’ spokesperson confirmed that the Museum of Mahomes II will provide tangible benefits to NFT holders.

This exciting development allows enthusiasts to own not only digital artifacts but also physical replicas and real memorabilia autographed by the quarterback himself. Such a unique proposition is bound to attract both loyal supporters and avid collectors alike.

Mahomes’ foray into the NFT realm began in March 2021, generating a staggering $3.7 million in sales as the market began its meteoric rise. Those who were fortunate enough to acquire the original NFTs will now have the opportunity to enhance their collection by obtaining autographed souvenirs from the Super Bowl MVP. This gesture from Mahomes bridges the gap between the digital and physical realms, offering an exclusive experience to his dedicated fanbase.

For the Museum of Mahomes II release, Mahomes has once again partnered with digital firm D-O-M, which previously assisted with his initial NFT drop on the Ethereum-based platform MakersPlace.

By leveraging the expertise of D-O-M and collaborating with a trusted partner, Mahomes aims to deliver a seamless and memorable experience for collectors seeking to own a piece of his legacy.

In line with his philanthropic efforts, Mahomes has pledged a portion of the revenue from NFT sales to be donated to two charitable organizations: his own 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.

These entities work tirelessly to improve the lives of children in underprivileged areas, making the Museum of Mahomes II release not only a celebration of his achievements but also an opportunity to make a significant impact on the community.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming launch, Mahomes stated, “I am excited to offer physical replicas to holders of the Museum of Mahomes I collection and do some good in the world with the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.” This sentiment showcases Mahomes’ commitment to his fans and his dedication to creating positive change through his influential position.

Beyond his individual NFT endeavors, Mahomes has also served as the official spokesperson for Dapper Labs‘ NFL All Day since its public debut in August of the previous year.

This partnership demonstrates his endorsement and belief in the potential of NFTs to revolutionize the sports memorabilia landscape while also solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the industry.

As September approaches, anticipation mounts for the unveiling of the Museum of Mahomes II collection. With its unique blend of digital and physical offerings, coupled with Mahomes’ charitable contributions, this release promises to captivate the world of NFTs, leaving a lasting legacy in the realms of football and beyond.