Moncler and Adidas Unveil AI Campaign with Exclusive NFTs


  • Moncler and Adidas Originals have unveiled a collaborative campaign titled “The Art of Explorers.”
  • AI-generated adventurers, crafted by artists like Gary Card and Kate Tabor, are a central feature of the campaign.
  • Multimedia elements, such as 3D animations, are incorporated, offering visitors a comprehensive sensory experience.

Moncler, the luxury winter apparel brand, has recently announced its collaboration with sportswear giant Adidas Originals. The joint venture has birthed the campaign titled “The Art of Explorers,” introducing AI-generated adventurers to the digital world. This move showcases a novel blend of art, fashion, and technology in the fashion industry.

The campaign’s essence lies in its AI-generated adventurers. Crafted meticulously, artists Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor were the brains behind these digital beings. Their creations are inspired by the collaborative collection and project an exquisite blend of the digital and physical realms.

Besides the visually appealing digital explorers, the campaign also incorporates an array of multimedia facets. These include sound, video, and 3D animations. Consequently, digital visitors receive a holistic sensory experience, a shift from traditional marketing techniques. Additionally, the campaign breaks new ground by allowing patrons to purchase exclusive products through digital billboards.

Moreover, Moncler’s adaptation to the evolving digital domain doesn’t stop here. Back in October 2022, marking its 70th anniversary, Moncler released 1,070 NFTs. Drawing design cues from Moncler’s iconic Maya jacket, 3D artist Antoni Tudisco crafted these digital collectibles. Partnering with the Arianee platform, Moncler’s NFT venture echoed their embrace of the technological shift in fashion.

However, for those yearning for a physical connection to this partnership, there’s good news. The Moncler x Adidas Originals collection, which includes apparel and footwear, will be available from October 4. Fans can snag these limited-edition pieces on both brands’ official websites. Additionally, select stores will carry the collection from the subsequent day.

The Moncler and Adidas Originals collaboration offers a fresh approach to fashion campaigns. Melding AI, immersive digital experiences, and NFTs, it signifies a commitment to innovation and anticipates the future of fashion marketing.