Adidas Originals Launches the First-Ever Digital Ozworld Experience

  • The company will unveil the world’s first personality-based AI-generated avatar creation platform on April 8th.
  • A groundbreaking collaboration with Ready Player Me lets each unique avatar roam the Metaverse spanning over 1500 applications and games freely.
  • The first avatars are to be released on April 28th in the metaverse world. The experience will be available to the public on April 8 at

In cooperation with Ready Player Me, Adidas Originals unveils the world’s first personalization-based AI-generated platform for creating avatars to mark the release of the brand’s latest Ozworld collection.

Its Ozworld experience is available online. Ozworld experience is designed to help everyone express themselves by letting them make their avatars that can be explored on the web exclusively using Ready Player Me – an avatar platform that works across metaverse applications that lets users explore virtual worlds under one identity.

Whether in person or online, the Ozworld collection stands out as a place for experimentation in style and an expression of support to encourage creative expression. 

Based on this undisputed quality, the accompanying website experience emphasizes the core of each person and not just physical appearances. It does this by asking customers to respond to various questions – such as choosing their favorite Ozworld shoes – to discover more about who they truly are. 

After the data has been exchanged by the platform, it will transform it into a unique digital avatar drawing design ideas from the collection of constantly changing visual codes.

Users can explore the collection by animating their avatars following their creation of them and also purchasing footwear samples in the selection. Additionally, all users can download an Ozworld alter-ego to use to create stickers as well as GIFs for their social media accounts.

A bold step towards the future of personal expression via virtual technology, Every avatar can be enabled to traverse the internet thanks to an individual connection to Ready Player Me. It’s the first platform to have a brand partnership, which allows for the interoperability of generative avatars between more than 1,500 other metaverse applications and games.

The experience, a new playground co-created with the brand’s community, will be available to the public on April 8 at AdiClub members or members of Adidas NFT holders will get early access using a unique URL. The first avatars are to be released on April 28th in the metaverse world.

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