Australian Open Tennis Tournament launches Artball NFT with NounsDAO


  • The Australian Open tournament is all set to collaborate with NounsDAO building a brand new partnership.
  • The tournament fans have welcomed and liked the installation on the metaverse platform.
  • The addition of the NounsDAO is part of the Australian Open’s efforts to adopt blockchain in the sports industry.

The Australian Open, the first grand slam of the year, is about to kick off for the first time with a brand new partnership with blockchain technology and the launch of the Artball NFT collection.

This year, the Australian Open will be partnering with NounsDAO, a blockchain company that will be providing the Australian Open with an online voting application. 

The new application will allow the public to vote for their favourites, and this will be the first time that voting has been allowed online in a major event.

Ridley Plummer, the tournament’s Web3 director, said the utility will include “a range of ground-breaking products, artwork, premium experiences, and access to real-world events.”

Earlier this year, the Australian Open announced a collaboration with NounsDAO, a blockchain-based initiative which lets users create their own cryptocurrencies. 

The partnership will see NounsDAO being used to power the Australian Open’s first-ever decentralized application.

DAO stands for decentralised autonomous organisation. This is a form of organisation where members are able to vote on how to spend the funds. 

The members of the DAO would get paid for their work and the profits would go to the DAO, which would be able to make decisions for the best interest of the organisation. 

The addition of the DAO is part of the Australian Open’s efforts to advance the adoption of blockchain technology in the sports industry.

The Australian Open has been using the platform to provide an easy way to build and launch decentralised apps.