Darewise Entertainment of Animoca Brands, Forms Alliance with Deadfellaz’s DFZ Labs


  • Darewise Entertainment partners with DFZ Labs, creator of Deadfellaz, in a strategic move to enhance Web3 gaming.
  • The collaboration focuses on shared expertise and community growth, leveraging Deadfellaz’s strong presence in streaming and content creation.
  • Unique avatars and content from Life Beyond, including the BOTS game and upcoming releases, will be showcased under the partnership.

Animoca Brands’ subsidiary, Darewise Entertainment, alongside DFZ Labs, the creators of Deadfellaz, have recently announced a strategic collaboration, marking a significant step in the0 Web3 gaming world. Darewise, known for its innovative game Life Beyond, joins forces with DFZ Labs to leverage shared expertise in the rapidly evolving Web3 sector. This partnership aims to fuel the growth of both companies by exchanging insights and expanding their Web3 gaming communities.

A unique aspect of this collaboration is the involvement of the Deadfellaz community, known as the Horde. This group, actively engaged in streaming and content creation, uses Streamingfellaz – animated, rigged avatars developed by Hologram Labs – to showcase gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. These avatars, now under the partnership, will also feature content from Life Beyond, including the anticipated BOTS game and the upcoming Alpha and Beta versions set for release in the second and fourth quarters of 2024.

Darewise has acquired three Deadfellaz PFP NFTs and 50 packs of NFTs from the upcoming Deadfellaz Trading Card Game to commemorate this partnership. These acquisitions are earmarked for community engagement and battles, enhancing the interactivity and excitement within the respective gaming communities.

Betty, the CEO of DFZ Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the critical role of cooperation in the Web3 space. She acknowledged the mutual benefits derived from the partnership, highlighting the combined effort to advance the ecosystem. Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise Entertainment, echoed similar sentiments. He praised the Deadfellaz brand for its distinct visual identity, strong values, and dedication to gaming and community empowerment.

This partnership between Darewise and DFZ Labs signifies a noteworthy convergence of creativity and technology in the Web3 realm. Both companies bring their unique strengths to the table, aiming to enrich their communities and foster growth in the Web3 gaming sector. With this strategic alliance, the path forward looks promising for the evolution and expansion of Web3 gaming experiences.