Solana NFTs remain in the spotlight while SOL continues to struggle


  • Solana Daily, the Twitter account responsible for posting big and crucial updates regarding the Solana ecosystem, recently revealed a few big announcements.
  • Magic Eden, the leading NFT marketplace on Solana, recently launched its latest Open Creator Protocol.
  • Solana launched DVT-1 and mentioned giving early access to a selected group of developers.

Solana Daily, recently over its Twitter handle, mentioned the major developments that Solana’s NFT marketplace has gone through over the past week. This Twitter handle is responsible for the big and latest market updates related to the Solana ecosystem.  

One of the important pieces of information which Solana Daily revealed was the launch of Open Creator Protocol (OCP) of Magic Eden; it is the leading NFT marketplace on Solana. It is a no-code solution that would enhance a token’s utility and enable token actions to be customized.  

In addition, Magic Eden also collaborated with Stripe to help the community trade NFTs more smoothly. Surprisingly, Magic Eden was also placed first among Solana Marketplaces for user growth in the previous month. Saber Labs and Mean Dao finished off the top 3.

Source: Santiment

As per the latest market reports it was seen that Solana’s NFT marketplace witnessed an increase in terms of volume as well. Last week, both the total number of NFT trades and the overall NFT transaction volume in USD surged. 

Adding further data also mentions that the total value locked (TVL) for Solana grew over the previous two days. Surprisingly, Solana was on the list of top projects in terms of TVL and was ranked fourth among them. 

Solana recently also revealed the launch of DVT-1, Saga’s developer unit program, and also mentioned giving early access to a selected group of developers. An early or pre-production version of Saga was offered to developers through a new program so they could build, test, and improve it on real hardware.

Source: TradingView

All of these recent developments looked thriving for the blockchain and have futuristic growth potential for a new bull run.