Cristiano Ronaldo Teams Up with NFT Holders in Binance-Sponsored Event Amid Ongoing Legal Challenges


  • Cristiano Ronaldo surprises NFT holders in a thrilling football showdown.
  • Binance-backed NFT event showcases Ronaldo’s dedication to his supporters.
  • Legal storms gather while fans enjoy an exclusive training session with the football legend.

Renowned football icon Cristiano Ronaldo has fulfilled his promises to NFT holders, engaging with fans and collectors of his nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in a recent training event supported by cryptocurrency exchange Binance. This gesture comes amid legal battles looming over the sports legend in the United States.

On January 25, Binance shared a video featuring Ronaldo playing football alongside enthusiastic fans holding his NFT collection. Joining him in the event were fellow Binance endorser Khaby Lame and Croatian footballer Maria Marković. During the training session, Ronaldo showcased his skills and shared valuable tips with the NFT holders to help them improve their game.

The partnership between Ronaldo and Binance in the NFT realm began in 2022 when the football star signed a multiyear agreement to release his first NFT collection with the exchange. This collaboration included exclusive engagement opportunities with Ronaldo for NFT holders, underlining the importance he places on his relationship with fans.

In 2023, Ronaldo continued to promote NFTs through Binance, even going to lengths like taking a lie detector test when launching his second NFT collection in partnership with the exchange. The test results confirmed that Ronaldo did indeed own NFTs, further solidifying his commitment to the digital collectible space.

However, Ronaldo’s association with Binance’s NFT arm has not been without controversy. Some critics argue that his involvement allegedly encouraged investments in unregistered securities on the exchange. In response to these concerns, on November 27, 2023, users initiated a class-action lawsuit against Ronaldo in a United States district court in Florida. They allege that he actively participated in the sale of unregistered securities in collaboration with Binance.

Despite the ongoing legal battle, serving Ronaldo with the lawsuit has proven challenging, as his address in Saudi Arabia remains private. On January 16, the plaintiffs sought alternative methods, including sending notices via email, X (formerly Twitter), and website publication, citing compliance with international agreements. In this complex legal environment, Cristiano Ronaldo’s engagement with NFT holders continues, reflecting his commitment to his fans despite the legal challenges that lie ahead.