Patrick Mahomes Partners with NFT Giant Azuki Amid Brand Challenges


  • Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a second Super Bowl victory in six seasons.
  • Mahomes is actively participating in the cryptocurrency space, unlike many other sports icons.
  • In 2021, Mahomes made $3.7 million from an NFT series, highlighting his ongoing commitment to the industry.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is no stranger to making headlines. Besides leading his team to a second Super Bowl victory in just six seasons, the 27-year-old has now ventured further into the world of cryptocurrency. Significantly, while many sports icons distance themselves from the volatile crypto realm, Mahomes is charting a different path.

This week, Mahomes announced a partnership with Azuki, a prominent name in the NFT space. Consequently, the star athlete has gone “Azuki-fied.” In layman’s terms, his image has transformed from an anime-style NFT brand into a limited edition trading card.

This unique card will be part of a series released by Azuki. Additionally, it will feature on the Museum of Mahomes, an upcoming NFT platform dedicated to the quarterback. Reports suggest that this platform plans to roll out 15,000 NFTs next month.

However, the timing of this collaboration raises eyebrows. On one hand, Mahomes is enjoying unparalleled mainstream success. On the other, Azuki is recovering from a challenging summer. A series of missteps during this period put the brand’s reputation in the crypto community at risk.

Moreover, this isn’t Mahomes’ maiden voyage into the crypto waters. In early 2021, at the peak of the NFT frenzy, he raked in a whopping $3.7 million from his digital collectibles series. Hence, his recent collaboration with Azuki isn’t just a fleeting interest but a testament to his commitment to the crypto industry.

While Mahomes’ $503 million contract with the Chiefs remains the largest in NFL history, his ventures off the field are equally noteworthy. His decision to align with Azuki, especially during a critical phase for the brand, showcases his willingness to take risks.